Budget Optimizer Bidding Strategy

The Budget Optimizer is a simplified bidding strategy that's designed to automatically maximize the amount of traffic that your hotels receive within your chosen daily budget.

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Overview of the Budget Optimizer

The simplicity of the Budget Optimizer bidding strategy makes it ideal if you're a partner that's new to Hotel Ads and are still familiarizing yourself with the different types of bidding strategies. It's also a useful bidding strategy if you're an existing partner who wants to focus on only managing the bidding of a select few hotels that are performing well. To do this, enable the Budget Optimizer to automate the bidding across your account and then override the Budget Optimizer for the hotels that you want to manage manually.

The Budget Optimizer strategy uses a variety of internal data sources to automatically perform all bidding across your account. However, if you set your own account level bid multipliers, or you adjust your maximum bids at account, group, or individual level, the Budget Optimizer incorporates those settings into the bidding. This also applies to any settings that are in place before the Budget Optimizer bidding strategy is enabled.

Note: If you use the Budget Optimizer strategy, structure sub-accounts with descending budgets (e.g. parent accounts have higher budgets than sub- or child accounts). Ensure that the sum of any group of child or sub-account budgets is not greater than the parent account's budget.

Set up the Budget Optimizer

To set up the Budget Optimizer, complete the following procedure:

  1. Open the Hotel Ads Center.
  2. In the Navigation bar, select the Dashboard tab.
  3. In the Default Bid Editor, click Edit:

  4. In the "Edit Account Default Bid" view, select Budget Optimizer - max performance within budget and enter a value for the Account-wide daily spending cap:

  5. Click Save. In the Performance Summary Table, the values in the "BID" column for all entries that have not previously been assigned a value are now labelled "Auto":

Note: When the Budget Optimizer is enabled and the account daily spending limit is set, you cannot deselect the "Daily spending Cap" option in the Budget tab of the Hotel Ads center until the Budget Optimizer has been disabled.

Override the Budget Optimizer for a group or an individual hotel

You can view the results of the Budget Optimizer bidding strategy in the Dashboard tab. There you can view the overall value of your Hotel Ads traffic, which groups and individual hotels are performing well or present the opportunity to increase traffic, and what Cost-Per-Click (CPC) you have been paying. 

If there are groups or individual hotels that you want to adjust the bidding for, you can override the account default bid for a group or hotel by completing the following steps:

  1. Open the Hotel Ads Center.
  2. In the Navigation bar, select Dashboard.
  3. In the Performance Summary Table, choose the entry that you want to modify (group or hotel) and click the field in the "BID" column of that entry. A new dialog is displayed:
  4. In the "% CPC" field, enter a bid value.
  5. Click Save. The new bid value that you entered is now displayed in the "BID" column.

For more information about manually setting CPC bids for groups and individual hotels, see Setting Max CPC Bids.

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