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View information about your account

The Account tab in the Hotel Ads Center provides access to account information, sub accounts, and bidding history for the account.

Account Info view

The Account Info view displays information about aspects of your account, such as the billing contacts and details about whether your account is active.

To access your account information:

  1. Open the Hotel Ads Center in a browser.
  2. Click the Account tab.
  3. Click Account Info in the left-hand navigation. The Hotel Ads Center displays the Account Info view:

The following sections describe the panels in this view.

Account Info

The Account Info panel displays the following information:

Field Description
Account Name The current account's friendly name.
Hotel Ads Account ID Your account or sub account's unique ID. This is the account ID that you use in API requests to the Travel Partner APIs.
Parent Account(s) Displays the name of the parent account (if you're viewing within a sub account).
Conversion Tracking Indicates whether or not conversion tracking is enabled for your account.
Attribution Window For conversion tracking, the number of days after the user clicked that we'll attribute a conversion to a click.

Account Status

The Account Status panel displays the following information:

Field Description
Data Displays the current status of the account's data:
  • : Active
  • : Pending activation
Billing Displays the current status of the account's billing setup:
  • : Ok
  • : Needs attention
Ads showing? Displays the currents status of the account's ads:
  • : Your ads can show
  • : Your ads can't be shown

CPC Billing Info

The CPC Billing Info panel displays the following information:

Field Description
How you pay Choose between receiving invoices or having a parent account pay. 
Region The major geographic area you're based in (such as North America or Europe).
Terms Select the preferred period for which you will be billed: NET 30, NET 45, or NET 60.
Billing Entity Your company name, or the name of the company/group that is handling your billing.
Billing Currency The three-letter currency code for the currency you use to pay your invoice to Google.
Customer ID The number used to identify yourself within Hotel Ads and to access your account information.
Customer Legal Name Your first and last name (if applicable). Do not use nicknames.
Billing Contact Name Whoever is in charge of handling billing questions and concerns for your hotels.

Google Contacts

The Google Contacts panel displays the following information:

Field Description
Account Managers Handle your sales/business relationship.
Technical Manager Also known as the Technical Account Manager or TAM, this is your technical support contact.

Account (Bid) History view

View a log of changes to your account, such as updates to billing information, bids, and group assignments in the Account History section of the Account tab. 

Refine your search by choosing a date range, or by selecting the type(s) of changes in the Action drop down menu.

Sub Accounts view

When setting up Hotel Ads, structure your account based on your feed management, reporting, billing, and budgeting practices. Organize your hotels to better reflect your business structure with sub accounts, which help differentiate groups of hotels by brand or region.

The Sub Accounts view within the Account tab displays all sub accounts, the number of hotels in them, and billing information. You can also use this view to set up billing, create additional sub accounts, and if you are an Owner, add new users to your account.

Accounts are arranged in their existing hierarchy, with sub accounts indented under their parents. There is a maximum number of 5 levels of sub accounts. If you have no sub accounts, the Sub Accounts view is not available.

To access the Sub Accounts view:

  1. Open the Hotel Ads Center in a browser.
  2. Click the Account tab.
  3. Click Sub Accounts in the left-hand navigation. The Sub Accounts view appears:

For more information, see Understanding sub accounts and Creating sub accounts.

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