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The "Account settings" page in Hotel Center provides access to account information and a log of recent changes. You can also link your Hotel Center account to your Google Ads accounts from this page.

Basic Settings

The "Basic settings" tab displays account information including email preferences, contact information, and linked Google Ads accounts.

To access your account information:

  1. Sign in to your Hotel Center account.
  2. Select Account settings from the navigation menu.

Account Information

  • Account ID: Your account’s unique ID. This is the account ID that you use in requests to the Travel Partner APIs.
  • Account name: The name you’ve given to your account.
  • Partner key: Your account ID that’s used when Google pulls prices.

Email preferences

Choose whether to receive emails from Google for the following:

  • Customized help: Get personalized suggestions to improve your account performance.
  • Newsletters: Receive information on the latest product changes.
  • Feedback and testing: Learn about pilots and surveys to help improve Google Ads.
  • Alerts: Receive notifications when there are sudden changes to your hotel list, price accuracy score, and price feed status.

Google contacts

Sales manager: Your point(s) of contact for billing and bidding-related matters.

Technical account manager: Also known as the TAM, this is your technical support contact.

Technical contacts

Displays email addresses for the technical contacts in your organization. To update this information, email your TAM.

Google Ads Links

Inspect and edit Google Ads accounts linked to your Hotel Center account. Learn more about managing your linked accounts


A list of major feed updates in your hotel lists, pricing, and landing pages.

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