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How to handle Price Accuracy violations

Partners often review other partners' price accuracy and report issues to Google when another partner violates the Price Accuracy Policy. You can use the "Violations" tab under Pricing in Hotel Center to report violations. In "Properties" under the "Suspended Hotels" tab, you can see which of your properties are currently suspended and submit requests for your suspended properties to be re-evaluated.

View your suspended hotels

The Suspended Hotels tool lists your hotels that have been suspended.

To view your suspended hotels:

  1. Sign into your Hotel Center account.
  2. Select Properties > Suspended Hotels.
  3. The "Suspended Hotels" tab displays the following columns: Hotel ID, Name, Price issues, Suspended on, and Action.

You can also use the Price Accuracy Report to find reasons for hotels being suspended. This report contains a sample set of your hotels and includes the pricing data that Google uses to determine accuracy. For more information, see Price Accuracy Report.

For extra tips, see Improving Price Accuracy.

Submit re-evaluation requests

If one or more of your properties have been suspended, you can view the suspended properties in the Hotel Center and request that Google perform a re-evaluation to remove them from the Suspended hotels list.

To submit a request for re-evaluation:

  1. Open Hotel Center in a browser.
  2. Select the Properties > Suspended Hotels.
  3. Select the Currently suspended tab. Hotel Center displays a list of suspended hotels.
  4. Find the property that you want to have re-evaluated and click the Request re-evaluation button.
  5. (Recommended) Enter a note to submit with the re-evaluation request.
  6. Click the Submit button. The re-evaluation process typically takes between 2-3 week for Google to complete.

Check re-evaluation request status

You can check if your requests for re-evaluation were approved (the properties removed from the suspended hotels list or rejected (the properties remain suspended).

To check the status on your suspended properties:

  1. Open Hotel Center in a browser.
  2. Select the Properties > Suspended Hotels. The "Suspended Hotel" view displays.
  3. Select the Waiting for re-evaluation tab. The Hotel Center displays a list of properties for which you have submitted re-evaluation requests. Each property's status is displayed as "Waiting for review", "Suspended", or "Not suspended" in the Status column:

    • Waiting for review: The request for re-evaluation is currently being processed.
    • Not suspended: The request for re-evaluation has been processed and the property was removed from the suspended hotels list.
    • Suspended: When the pricing was re-evaluated, the listing continued to show inaccurate data or the request was rejected for another reason. The property remains suspended. Check your listing's data again before requesting another re-evaluation.

Report price violations

You can report another partner's price violation by using Hotel Center. Google will evaluate the report and take appropriate action.

To report a price violation:

  1. Open Hotel Center in a browser.
  2. Select Pricing > Violations.

  3. Click Report a pricing violation.
  4. Enter the Google Maps URL and click Verify.
  5. Hotel Center displays the "Report a pricing violation" dialog box:
  6. Select on of the checkboxes as the reason for the price violation.
    Note: The following may result in a price violation.
    • Incorrect base rates: Hotel base price is not accurate for a given itinerary
    • Incorrect or missing taxes: Prices do not show (or accurately present) additional taxes
    • Incorrect or missing fees: Hotel fees are missing or are inaccurate
    • Not a hotel or indoor lodging business: Property type is invalid
    • Other: Provide details in the Notes section of the report
  7. (Optional) Enter any additional information or evidence for this price violation.
  8. Click the Submit button.

After you submit a violation report, Google's price accuracy team manually reviews the report and takes appropriate action. If the data is indeed inaccurate, Google immediately suspends the offending property sends a message to the violating partner to inform them that their property (or properties) have been suspended.

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