Price Accuracy Policy

The Google policy for prices exists to ensure a good end-to-end experience for users engaging with your prices on Google. At a high level, this means that (1) you must provide a user-friendly referral experience, (2) you must fully disclose all mandatory rates, taxes, and fees, and (3) whenever a user sees a price on a Google site and clicks through to the landing page, the landing page will offer the same total price as seen on the Google site.

By adhering to the policy described here, you ensure that end-users have a good experience and you maximize conversions for your ads.

This section includes the following topics:

Please ensure you comply with the Referral Experience Policy and Taxes and Fees Policy pages, which describe our detailed requirements.

How are Price Accuracy Scores calculated?

To calculate your Price Accuracy Scores, Google regularly validates your booking site and examines the total price for a sample subset of hotel itineraries. If the booking page isn't on your site (for example, you're a metasearch site which shows prices that are bookable on other sites), we will still validate the price shown on the final booking page.

This validation is done by both automated tools and manual processes against the data that you send to Google, as the following image shows:


When the checks are run, Google compares the total price and room type description to the total price and room type description displayed in your Hotel Ads listings and computes an overall price accuracy percentage rate, or overall Price Accuracy Score.

In addition, Google calculates the average scores per country, and will show up to 3 country-specific scores in the Price Accuracy report for countries whose accuracy score is significantly different from your overall score.

Numeric values are computed by sampling the price-cache or the actual impressions/clicks periodically. Google validates those values with manual processes and automated scrapers against your website data. The validations use your Points of Sale (POS) to generate URLs which are checked for a set of user parameters (such as language, country, device, and Google property).

Based on your overall average Price Accuracy Score, you are assigned a value of Excellent, Good, Poor, At Risk, or Failed, as described below.


What are my Price Accuracy Scores?

Information about your account's price accuracy can be found in the Price Accuracy report. This report shows your average and most recent accuracy scores, score trends, and a sample of recent innaccuracies that we have identified.

Google shows country-specific scores in the Price Accuracy report for countries whose average score differs significantly from your overall score.

What does the overall Average Score mean?

Your overall Average Score can range from Failed to Excellent.

The following image illustrates the values and thresholds:

The following table describes the possible values for your average Price Accuracy Score:

Key Score Description
Excellent Your Average Score exceeds the Positioning Threshold. It is among the highest of all partners and your ads are given preference in auction positioning over partners with lower scores.
"Positioning Threshold" (Below this threshold results in a negative impact on auction positioning and CPC)
Good Your Average Score is slightly below the Positioning Threshold. Your score is better than those with a Poor, At Risk, or Failed scores, but it negatively impacts your auction positioning and CPC.
Poor Your Average Score is well below the Positioning Threshold that negatively impacts your auction positioning and final CPC. Your score is better than those with an At Risk score.
At Risk Your Average Score is close to the Account Suspension Threshold. If it goes below this threshold, your account will be suspended. Your score negatively impacts your auction positioning and final CPC.
"Account Suspension Threshold" (Below this threshold results in suspension of your account)
Failed Your Average Score is below the Account Suspension Threshold. Your account has been suspended.

You can also view your Average Score using the Scorecard. For example:

What can cause a drop in Price Accuracy?

This section describes some common reasons that your Price Accuracy Scores might drop.

Taxes and fees

You must be sure that taxes and/or fees are included in the overall price of a room.


You must ensure that rooms are available at the advertised price when the end-user clicks through to book them.

Stale data

If the prices in Google's price cache do not match the prices on your website, the data might be out of date.

Google shows you a sampling of the actual errors from the manual and automated validations with the Hotel Ads Center and the Hotel Ads API. When these errors indicate stale data, refreshing the data in Google's cache can often rectify price accuracy related issues.

You can download a Price Accuracy report from Hotel Ads Center. The report compares the Google cached prices to the fetched prices. For more information, see Price Accuracy Report.

Changes to your landing/booking page

If you block Google from fetching prices or make any changes to your landing pages or booking pages—including HTML/DOM changes that may be invisible to the user — Google might fail to gather pricing information from your site. This can negatively impact your accuracy score.

If you are planning these types of changes, please notify Google at least 5 days in advance. Google will monitor the site changes and make any changes necessary to its fetching mechanism.

Rates that require sign-in

If your rates require a sign-in process, then it is possible that Google considers them inaccurate.

Your rates must be bookable by all users who may be shown the rate (based on the Point of Sale, Fenced Rates, etc). You may require that users complete a sign-up or sign-in process to book the rate, subject to the following conditions:

  1. The rate must be visible to the user on the first landing page after redirection from Hotel Ads. There may be indication on that page that sign-in or sign-up is required to receive the rate. Other rates may appear on the landing page.
  2. Sign-up must be free of charge and may not result in immediate or future subscription/membership fees.
  3. Sign-up must be reasonably straightforward and not require excessive difficulty or excessive amounts of personal information.
  4. Membership, if required, must be immediately granted after sign-up.

Validation interruptions

Google validates prices by periodically using automated and manual tools to access your web site. Interruptions in this validation process can occur for a variety of reasons, including site outages, DOS denials, and roboting.

If the validation is interrupted, you must work collaboratively with Google to promptly identify the source of the issue and rectify it so that the validations can resume.

Partner complaints

When one partner complains about another, Google uses the same tools that are used for validation to validate the complaint. If the complaint is valid, Google notifies the offending partner and suspends the individual hotel and/or prices involved.

After you correct the erroneous data, you can request a re-validation and re-enabling of the suspended hotel.

For more information, see Handling Price Accuracy Violations.

What happens if I violate this policy?

If you violate the Price Accuracy Policy, the actions Google takes depend on the scope of the violation. These actions can include:

  1. Flag the values as Price Accuracy Policy or Taxes and Fees Policy violations.
  2. Suspend the hotel.
  3. Lower your average accuracy score or the average scores for country-specific segments.

Individual hotels

If the rates on particular hotels' Price Accuracy drop below an acceptable threshold:

  • Google adds the hotel to a suspension list and notifies you.
  • Ads for that hotel are disabled immediately.
  • Other hotels in your account are not affected.

Please notify Google when you fix the issue so that Google can re-enable your ads for that hotel (after verifying that the reported issue is resolved).

You can use the Price Violations tool to see your currently-suspended properties and request that properties be re-evaluated and removed from the suspension list. For more information, see Handling Price Accuracy Violations.

Account-wide drop in Price Accuracy

If your account's overall price accuracy is verified as falling below acceptable levels:

  • Google notifies you of the issue.
  • Your Hotel Ads account may be suspended.
  • Google will reinstate a suspended account only after your Price Accuracy returns to an acceptable level.

How can I improve my Price Accuracy Score?

For tips on improving your price accuracy score, see Improve Price Accuracy.

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