Migrate from pull or changed pricing to ARI

ARI is recommended for partners that have nightly rates with restrictions, availability, and inventory. This standard also supports promotional rates. Learn more about ARI

This article explains how you can migrate your Hotel Center account to ARI.

Before you begin

These features of pull or changed pricing are also supported in ARI:

  • Room bundles: ARI generates room bundles by combining Room IDs and Package IDs defined in Transaction (Property Data) messages. You can reuse these identifiers from Transaction pricing, but be aware that:
  • Promotional rates: If you’re using conditional rates to offer customized rates to users based on specific attributes, you can evaluate whether the Promotions API gives you the same capabilities. If you need to reuse rate rule IDs, let your technical specialist from Google know during your integration.

Notify Google during integration if you’re using any of the following features:

  • Custom fields in landing pages: Landing page(s) currently don’t support custom fields from your prices. Consider using an alternate hotel ID, brands, or other landing page URL variables instead.
  • Allowable points of sale in prices: Although not currently supported, you can use alternate hotel ID and brand matching as alternatives.
  • Conditional rates in prices: ARI doesn’t support conditional rates yet. Consider using the Promotions API if you want to apply promotions conditionally (for example, by user country). If you need to reuse rate rule IDs, let your technical specialist from Google know during your integration.
  • Child occupancy in prices: This feature is currently in development.
Note: If you'd like to see additional features supported, contact us–we’re actively expanding ARI.


The process is completed in 2 phases: testing and migration


  1. Submit the ARI migration interest form and choose “ARI” as the integration option.
  2. We’ll create your Hotel Center test account once we’ve processed your request (about 2 weeks).
  3. Develop and test the integration. Include your partner name in all ARI messages to prevent upload errors.
    • Share your list of properties. You can reuse your property list from the current account by downloading the latest uploaded properties list and uploading it to the test account.
    • Set up landing page(s). You can reuse your landing pages from the current account by downloading landing page XML and uploading it to the test account.
    • Share your room and property content.
    • Share your prices with ARI.
  4. Certification
    • Google will verify your list of properties and landing pages for any major differences between your accounts.
    • Google will run price accuracy checks on the test account.
  5. You can view any mismatches in your test account on Hotel Center and the Travel Partner API with clear screenshots and root causes so that you can update the data as needed. Testing is complete when your test account has achieved a price accuracy score of “Excellent”.


After testing is completed, you can pick a date with your technical specialist to start the migration. When you start, Google will update your Hotel Center account so you can share ARI in your existing account (in addition to any other way you were sharing rates with Google like pull or changed pricing).

While prices will continue to be updated with pull or changed pricing, you can share rates with Google on ARI. When a user searches for one of your properties, we will show them rates from ARI where you have shared them with us.


  • Send property data in small batches, rather than sending data for all of your properties at once.
  • Send properties with ARI rates last. If you’re sending push or pull rates in addition to ARI, this will cause the ARI rates to be shown when users search for these properties.

To certify your Hotel Center account for ARI, Google will run price accuracy checks to verify integration quality and ensure that your price accuracy remains “Excellent” for a period of 3 days. At that time, Google will switch your account completely to ARI.

Feature requests

If you’d like to see additional features supported in ARI, please contact us.

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