How to use Google Hotel Finder

  1. What is Google Hotel Finder?

    Google Hotel Finder makes it easier to compare and book hotels that are found across the web. Try it out at

    Here's what you can do with Google Hotel Finder:

    • Find hotels according to what is important to you, such as price, location, amenities, and user ratings.
    • Review accurate and detailed information about those hotels, including photos and amenities.
    • View location information to help you decide where to stay.
    • Keep track of your top choices with the Save button.
    • Connect with hotels and vendors to reserve a room or ask for more information.
  2. How to use Google Hotel Finder


    To get started, search for a city, landmark, address, or hotel name in the box at the top of the page at As you type, suggestions will appear beneath the text box; click any suggestions to begin your search for it. You can also begin by clicking one of the suggested destinations listed below the search box.

    Once you’ve selected a destination, choose your dates from the calendar in the Select date pickers to complete your search.

    If your travel dates are flexible, compare prices on different dates by clicking the bar graph icon to the right of the date pickers. The price graph will appear. Mouse over any of the blue bars to see prices.

    Review and customize

    After entering a location, you'll see a list of hotels that match your search specifications. You can narrow down your search and hone in on the specific features that you're looking for. Here are a few ways to do this:

    • Filter by preferences: Use the filters below the search box to limit your hotel search by various preferences such as price, hotel class, user rating, amenities, and location (neighborhoods). Learn more about how to use filters.
    • Sort the results: Click the Sort button and select the factor which you’d like to sort the results by.
    • View neighborhoods: For select cities, you can see hotels by neighborhood on the map. You can access the list of neighborhoods by opening the Location filter.

    Use the map

    To enter map view, click Expand map... under the map preview. See Using the map for more details.

    Save and choose

    Once you see a hotel that you’re interested in, click it to see more details. Track your favorite hotels for comparison by clicking the star to save them. Learn more about saving your top choices.

    When you’ve found the hotel for you, choose an option under Book a room to select the booking partner through which you'd like to make your reservation. Learn more about how to book.

  3. View more details about a hotel

    When in a hotel's detailed page, scroll down to see more information on the hotel.

    • Overview: See a snapshot of the hotel’s most pertinent information, such as owner's description, photos, average user rating, number of reviews and hotel class.
    • Rooms: See the available room types provided by booking partners by clicking More rates and book a room. If your travel dates are flexible, compare prices on different dates by clicking the bar graph icon to the right. The price graph will appear. Mouse over any of the blue bars to see prices.
    • Amenities: View highlighted amenities available at the hotel such as Free Breakfast, Free or Paid Parking, Free or Paid Internet.
    • Reviews: Read all reviews of the hotel written by Google users by clicking Show more reviews. Contribute a review by clicking Write a review. Learn more about reviews on Google.
    • Photos: View all available photos for the hotel. Click on any photo to enlarge it into the gallery view, where you can scroll through the photos by using the left and right arrows on your keyboard or clicking on the on-screen arrows.

    Map view: From inside the map view, each result is represented by a red dot on the map. Clicking on a dot will display details about that hotel, including links to save the hotel or book it. See Using the map for more details.

  4. Using the map

    To enter the map view, click Expand map... under the map preview. Only hotels within the highlighted area of the map are displayed in the list of results, and each result is represented by a red dot on the map. Clicking on a dot will display details about that hotel, including links to save the hotel or book it.

    The ability to view hotels by neighborhood is available in select cities. Click Location to see a list of neighborhoods, and click the name of the neighborhood you’d like to view. You can change your selected neighborhood by clicking a new name, and the hotel map will relocate.

    Tip: If you want to expand the area of a predefined neighborhood, click a corner of the area and drag:

  5. Using the filters

    Use the filters below the search box to limit your hotel search.


    Enter the dates of your hotel stay by clicking the date pickers. You can search for dates up to 90 days in the future.


    Use the drop-down menu to limit the hotels you see to your preferred maximum price per night. You can also set a specific price range.

    Hotel class & user rating

    To see only hotels above a certain class, select the minimum number of stars you'd like the hotels to have.

    To see only hotels that have user ratings above a certain average, choose your preferred minimum rating in the dropdown menu.


    Click the amenities drop-down menu to see only hotels which offer specific amenities such as free breakfast, internet, and parking. You can see a full list of available amenities by clicking More....



    Use the drop-down menu to see hotels in city center only. For select cities, use the drop-down menu to only see hotels in a specific neighborhood.

  6. Save hotels

    While you're looking at hotels either in the list view, the map view, or on the hotel detail page, click the save star to add the hotel to your saved hotels list. When a hotel has been saved, the star will turn gold:

    To view a list of your saved hotels, click Saved near the top of the page:

    You can compare basic info about your saved hotels on the Saved page, including hotel class, user rating, amenities and price. Your saved hotels will also appear on the map on the right side of the page.

    To remove a hotel from your saved list, click the gold star. It will become gray again, and the hotel will be removed from your saved list.

  7. Book a hotel

    When you are ready to book a hotel, click the hotel to see more details, and then select one of the options under Book a room to proceed to the listed booking site. The available booking options for the hotel may include both the hotel owner and resale vendors. You can compare prices and choose to book the room through any of these channels, including the hotel owner.

    When available, you will be able to view the prices for different room types available for a hotel. To see the different room types and prices, click the More rates button on the hotel overview card.

  8. What data is stored about my searches and how can I clear it?

    Your previous searches and saved hotels are saved in your Search History. These items can be cleared from your Search History. The dates of your last search are also stored temporarily and used across Google when you search for hotels. These dates can be cleared by pressing the "Remove default dates" button on Hotel Finder and, for Google Maps for Mobile, also clearing application data on your local device.
  9. Get discounted rates with Limited Offers

    Limited Offers are discounted rates on hotels advertised on Google. Limited Offers are currently in a limited test for users that have signed in with a Google account. We show them to people when they’re relevant and useful based on our booking partners’ rates and availability.

    Book a Limited Offer:

    1. Search for a hotel.
    2. Click Limited Offer if one is available.
    3. You'll be taken to the partner’s site to complete your booking. With some partners, you can complete your booking quickly and easily using Google Payments.

    You can learn more about ads at the Ads Help Center.

How to use Google Hotel Finder on mobile

  1. Search hotels on Hotel Finder

    If you'd like to find a hotel from your mobile device, please follow these steps:

    1. Visit
    2. Enter a location in the search box
    3. Start typing the name of a city or a hotel, an address, or select My location
    4. Choose your desired dates or use the default
    5. Touch a hotel name to see more information and book
    6. You can also touch Map to see a map view of your search results
    7. Touch the left arrow below the date pickers to return to your results list
  2. Filter and sort results

    From your results list, you can filter and sort your search results using the Price, Hotel class, User rating, Amenities, and Location below the date pickers. Filters also work in the map view.

  3. Book hotels using Google Payments

    When using Hotel Finder on your mobile device, you have the option to pay for the reservation using Google Payments. Note that the Google Payments booking feature is currently available for U.S. hotels through participating booking partners, and you must have a valid U.S. billing address.

    You will see Buy with Google next to booking partners that support Google Payments as a payment option. Select one of the booking partners with the Buy with Google icon, and select the room type.

    If you have used Google Payments before

    1. Touch Sign in with Google to book if you are not signed in
    2. Review your reservation details and touch Finish Booking to book your hotel
    3. To change the card used with your Google Payments account, touch Change payment method.

    Once your payment is processed, you’ll receive a confirmation of your booking from the booking partner and can contact them with any questions about or changes to your itinerary.

    If you have not used Google Payments before

    1. Touch Sign in with Google to book if you are not signed in
    2. Sign into the Google account with which you’d like to use Google Payments
    3. Enter your credit or debit card information
    4. Touch Save & Continue to review your itinerary, payment details from Google Payments, enter the name of the guest if different, and accept the booking partner’s terms & conditions
    5. Touch Finish Booking to submit payment
    6. You will be redirected to the booking partner’s site for the booking summary.

    Note that you always have the option to book on the booking partner’s site by selecting Book on ________.


    Related topics:

    Google Payments help center

  4. Payment issues with Google Payments

    You can troubleshoot common payment issues, like declined credit cards, in the Google Payments help center.

    To update your payment information, visit and sign into your account.

    Any itinerary changes, cancellations, and refunds must be handled with the booking partner directly and not with Google Payments. Use the booking partner’s contact information and confirmation number found in your reservations to make any changes to your itinerary.

Help for hotel owners

  1. How can I include my hotel in Google Hotel Finder?

    Google Hotel Finder uses multiple data sources to generate a comprehensive set of high-quality hotel results. We are always looking to improve our comprehensiveness, and welcome feedback about missing hotels. Go to the search results page on Hotel Finder, click on the gear icon and select Send Feedback to report the issue. In addition, there are steps you can take to help improve your presence on Google. 

  2. Fix out of date or inaccurate hotel information

    Google Hotel Finder relies on multiple data sources to get a holistic view of hotels. In most cases, incorrect information can be corrected by verifying your hotel’s page on Google and editing your business information as the verified owner of the hotel. Learn more about how you can verify your hotel on Google at Or check out the Google My Business hotels quick start guide.

    To correct your hotel page’s description, address, phone number, or website, sign in to to your Google account at and edit the owner’s verified information by following these steps:

    1. Click Edit in the upper right hand corner of the screen
    2. Make the necessary edits in the section(s) you want to update (hotel description, address, phone number, website, etc.)
    3. Save any changes you’ve made

    See Edit your business information for more information. Or you could contact us directly with incorrect information or verification issues.

    Note: Once you make changes, they may be subject to review. Any changes should be live on your page and reflected in Hotel Finder in about a week.

    If the information on your page is accurate but not appearing properly in Hotel Finder, go to the hotel detail page on Hotel Finder, click on the gear icon and select Send Feedback to report the issue.

  3. Fix out of date or inaccurate photos

    Google Hotel Finder includes photos provided by hotel owners, third-party content providers, Google users, and others. 

    Google Business View
    With Google Business View, hotels now have the ability to offer 360º virtual tours. For any issues with these images, please use the “Report a Problem” link included on the same page. Issues reported here should be responded to within 5 days.

    Display of photos from hotel websites in Hotel Finder
    Photos from hotels’ websites are primary, direct resources to help users make booking decisions when they shop on Hotel Finder. In some cases, Google will automatically include and display these photos in the hotel’s details page in Hotel Finder.
    If you are a hotel owner and would like to stop photos from your hotel’s website displaying in Hotel Finder, please follow the instructions on this page.

    User Uploaded Images
    Google users can also upload photos of hotels. These images will be distinguished by a specific username provided in the bottom right of the photo. For more information on how to flag photos that are inappropriate or irrelevant see this article. Google will review the photo and determine if it violates our quality guidelines

    Images from Owners
    To update or add more owner photos to a hotel, first verify your hotel’s page on Google. Learn more about how you can verify your hotel on Google at Or check out the Google My Business hotels quick start guide.

    Once you have verified your Google page, sign into your account, then add and manage photos for your hotel. Note that photos added to your verified Google page may take several weeks to go live on Hotel Finder.


  4. There are duplicate listings for my business. How can I merge them?

    In most cases, duplicate listings can be resolved by reporting a problem to Google.