Add or remove people in a room

You can add people to a room in Hangouts Chat by mentioning them or inviting them.


If you mention someone in a conversation, for example, @cassy, they're immediately added to the room. They can join the discussion, view the room in their room list, and receive notifications for that room.

Invite people

If you invite someone to a room, they're immediately added to the room, as if you @mentioned them.

You can invite all members of a group by sending an invitation to its Google Groups email address. When you invite a group, each member can join and leave the room individually. Group members can preview the room before deciding to join.

Invitations to groups of fewer than 100 people get sent immediately. When you expand Browse rooms in the left panel, a new indicator appears next to the room.

Create public rooms

To create a room everyone in your organization can find, G Suite administrators can create an organization-wide group.

For example, administrators can add a group named to a Chat room.

Limitations of group invites

  • Currently, you can only chat with people inside your domain.
  • You can't add or remove people from a group message.
  • If a person joins a room from a group invite and is later removed from the group, they’re not removed from the room.
  • If you’re sending invitations to groups of more than 1,000 people, a new indicator appears next to the room within 24 hours.

Invite people to a room

  1. From the list at the left, select a room.
  2. From the top, next to the room name, click Down arrow Down Arrow and then Add people & bots.
  3. Enter names of people, group or individual email addresses, bots, or select from the suggestions.

    Suggestions include everyone in your organization, even if they don't have Hangouts Chat turned on.

  4. If you want to notify the people you’re adding, make sure the Notify people via email box is checked.

  5. Repeat for each invitee.

  6. Click Send.

Add someone by mentioning them

  1. To add someone to a room in a conversation, enter @ and then their email alias, for example, @johns.
  2. Select the person and click Send Send.

See members of a room

  1. On the left, select the room.
  2. At the top, click the Down arrow Down Arrow and then View members.
  3. (Optional) To add more members to the room, click Add Add.

Remove a person from a room

You can remove people from a room that you created. If you remove someone, they can no longer participate in the room or view its conversation history.

  1. Select the room name and at the top, click the Down arrow Down Arrow and then View members.
  2. Next to the person you want to remove, click More More and then Remove from room.
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