Create a sharding users list (Optional)

Create a sharding users list if you're migrating a large number of files to Google Drive from Microsoft® SharePoint®, file shares, or Box®. If you're not migrating 50,000 files or more to a single user’s Drive account or to a shared drive, you can skip this step and go to Create a scoped view for SharePointfile shares or Box.  

What is a sharding users list?

A sharding users list is a CSV file with email addresses from your target account. The user accounts belonging to the email addresses are used to write objects to a user's My Drive or a shared drive, spreading the migration load between the accounts. Using a sharding user list improves migration performance and speed when you're migrating a large number of files to Drive. You'll use the list when you configure your bridge. 

Step 1: Create a CSV file

Important: To easily see the file metadata in Drive after the migration, we recommend that you set up temporary G Suite users for your sharding users list. Then, delete the users after you complete the migration. For details, see Options for adding users and Delete a user from your organization.

To determine the number of user accounts to add to the sharding users list, use the larger value of: 

To create the CSV file:

  • Create the list in a spreadsheet program with one entry per line.
  • Headers are not required.
  • Save the spreadsheet as a CSV file.
  • Make sure the character encoding of the CSV file is set to UTF-8. 

Sharding user list CSV file

Step 2: Add the list

  1. In the G Suite Migrate platform, click New New and then List.
  2. Enter a name for the list.
  3. Under Type, click the Down arrow Down Arrow and then Users.
  4. Click Upload CSV file to upload a CSV file or drag a file to the box.
  5. Click Create.

You'll be able to select the list when creating a bridge.

Next step

Create a scoped view for SharePointfile shares or Box