Organize events with a group

You can organize events with your group by sharing a calendar, event invitation, or list of group members.

Share a Google Calendar with your group

You can share a calendar with your group or create a calendar that multiple people can edit. This can be useful if you want meetings or events to appear on a calendar for your group.

Learn how to share a calendar in Google Calendar.

Invite a Google Group to an event using Google Calendar

You can add an entire group to an event using Google Calendar.

  1. Using Google Calendar, create an event. Learn how to create an event.
  2. When editing the event options, in the "Add guests" box, type the name of the group you’d like to invite. After you add the group, to see the list of group members, to the left of the group name, click the Down arrow Down Arrow.
  3. Click Save.

Export a list of names and email addresses

You can download a file with a list of your group members and their email addresses to a CSV file. You can load the list into a spreadsheet to manage group membership, count members, or organize smaller groups within your group.

  1. Sign in to Google Groups.
  2. Click My Groups.
  3. Choose a group.
  4. Near the top right, click Manage members.
  5. At the top, click Export members.

If your group has more than 5,000 members, you can use this script to create the list.

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