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We have modified our policies to improve clarity and improve the quality standards of our free advertising grants. The rules were last updated on January 1, 2018 for all ad recipients. 

Please note that we mainly use service alerts to provide customized suggestions and notifications about non-compliance . When you edit your account to comply with the applicable policies, please request your online renewal

Our goal is also to help you successfully use your ad grant. Pay attention to the video showing Ad Grants and  previous live streaming . Follow- up support for upcoming live events , local events, service alerts, and  customized content help . Get in touch with Ad Grants team members to get personalized tips, office hours, and practical workshops - enter your preferred e ‑ mail address in the  notification preferences in the Customized Help and Performance Improvement suggestions You can also contact us through our active  internet community forum

In addition to Ad Grants, all Ad Grants accounts must comply with the standard Google Ads policy .

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