Zasady programu

We took care of the greater transparency of our rules and raised the quality standards in terms of free advertising funds. The last update of our policy took place on January 1, 2018 and covered all participants of the Ad Grants program. 

Please note that we use mainly in- house notifications to provide individual users with personalized suggestions and notifications regarding non-compliance with our policies . After making corrections to your account to comply with program policies, you can request to restore your account online

We want your organization to take full advantage of the Ad Grants program. See our video about the Ad Grants program  and  recorded live broadcasts . Stay up to date with  scheduled live broadcasts and local events, and use internal notifications in the service and  targeted help . Please agree to receive notifications to your preferred email address in  the notification settingsin the "Personalized help and suggestions for improving performance" section, and contact the Ad Grants team members. Thanks to this you can receive personalized tips, use the help of specialists during working hours and meet with them at the workshop. You can also contact us in our  online community forum

All Ad Grants accounts must adhere to the Ad Grants program policies as well as the standard Google Ads program policies .

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