Norme del programma

We have reviewed our policies to provide greater clarity and raise the quality standards of free advertising concessions we offer. These rules were updated on 1 January 2018 for all Ad Grantees. 

Keep in mind that we mainly use notifications within the product to communicate personalized suggestions and notices of non-compliance. Once you've changed your account to comply with the rules, you can request it to be restored online

Furthermore, we want to help you use your concession effectively. Check out the introduction video for Ad Grants  and  past live streaming . For further assistance, don't miss the upcoming live streaming , local events, communications via notifications within the product and personalized support content . To get in touch with Ad Grants team members and receive personalized suggestions, participate in office hour events and live workshops, enable notifications for your preferred email address in notification preferences , in the "Personalized assistance and performance suggestions ". You can also contact us via ouractive online community forum

In addition to the specific rules of Ad Grants, all Ad Grants accounts must comply with the standard Google Ads rules .

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