Règlement du programme

We have revised our regulations to clarify and improve the quality standards for digital ads that we offer for free. The latest rule update for all Ad Grantees was made on January 1, 2018. 

Please note that we mainly use the notifications in the product to provide personalized suggestions and notices of non-compliance. After modifying your account to comply with the rules, request its reactivation online

We also make every effort to help you use your Ad Grants account effectively. Check out our Ad Grants presentation video and live broadcasts . To support you, you also have future live broadcasts , local events, communications via product notifications, and personalized help content . Contact Ad Grants team members for personalized advice, opening hours consultations, and in-person workshops with your preferred email address in the notification preferences.under "Personalized help and suggestions for performance improvements." You can also contact us via the Online Community Forum where the activity is constant. 

In addition to Ad Grants-specific policies, all Ad Grants must also adhere to the standard Google Ad Rules .

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