Políticas del programa

We have revised our policies to make them clearer and to increase the quality level of our free advertising aids. The policies were last updated on January 1, 2018 for all Ad Grants beneficiaries. 

Normally, we use notifications on the product to notify users of the infractions we detect in their accounts and offer them personalized suggestions. If you have modified your account to comply with the policies, you can request its reactivation online

In addition, we are committed to lend a hand to users to make the most of their advertising aids. You can see the presentation video of Ad Grants and the old live broadcasts . You can also check live broadcasts to be held soon , local events, communications that are issued through notifications on the product and personalized help content . Get in touch with Ad Grants team members for personalized advice, enjoy tutoring hours and personally attend workshops. To do this, enable the email address you want to use in your notification preferences, in "Personalized help and suggestions to optimize performance". You can also contact us through our online community forum

In addition to complying with the specific policies of Ad Grants, all program accounts must comply with Google Ads standard policies .

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