Programme policies

We have reviewed our policies to add clarity and raise standards of quality for our no-cost advertising grants. Policies were last updated on 1 January 2018 for all Ad Grantees. 

Please note that we primarily use in-product notifications to communicate personalised suggestions as well as notifications of non-compliance.  After modifying your account to comply with policies, request account reinstatement online

We're also committed to helping you use your ad grant successfully. Review our introduction to Ad Grants video and past live streams.  Look out for upcoming live streams, local events, outreach through in-product notifications and tailored help content to support you more. Connect with members of the Ad Grants team for personalised tips, office hours and in-person workshops by opting in your preferred email address in your notification preferences, under ‘Customised help and performance suggestions’.  You can also contact us through our active online community forum

Along with the policies specific to Ad Grants, all Ad Grants accounts must also follow standard Google Ads policies.

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