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We have reviewed our policies to make them more understandable and to set quality standards for our free digital advertising grants. The latest policy update for all Ad Grants participants was January 1, 2018. 

Please note that we will primarily notify you of personalized recommendations or policy violations through service announcements . After you edit your account to suit your policy, please request a renewal

We are also ready to advise you on anything to make the most of your ad grant. See the Ad Grants welcome video and  previous live events . For more support, also watch upcoming live events , local events, service announcements, and  customized help . Contact Ad Grants team members for personalized tips, hours of operation, and workshops. Just register your preferred e ‑ mail address in  your notification preferences (Customized Help and performance suggestions). You can also contact us in the active online community forum

In addition to Ad Grants policies, all Ad Grants accounts must also comply with the standard Google Ads policy .

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