Using conversion rate as an indicator of data quality

Use your conversion rate as an indicator of whether you are tracking meaningful conversions. Review the actions you’re tracking to ensure they are distinctive and closely reflect your online goals. If you have a low conversion rate then the action(s) you are tracking are likely meaningful actions that someone took on your site. However, if your conversion rate is high then it's an indicator that there may be a quality issue with your conversion data. 


Check if your account has a high conversion rate 

  1. Open your Google Ads account.
  2. Open Campaigns from the menu on the left. 
  3. Set the date range to the "Last 30 days".
  4. View the final row "Total: Account" for the column "Conv. Rate" to determine your average conversion rate for all actions and all campaigns in your account. If the column "Conv. Rate" doesn't appear on your table, click Columns at the top of the table and add "Conv. Rate".

Addressing a high conversion rate 

If you find that your average conversion rate is high, determine if it's due to one conversion action or the sum of multiple actions. 

Find out whether one or more conversion actions are causing a high conversion rate 

  1. Open Campaigns from the menu on the left. 
  2. Click the segment icon Segment and under Conversions, select Conversion actions.
  3. On the table, click the column name "Conversions" to order from top no. of conversions to lowest. 
  4. View the Conv. Rate column of each conversion action and each campaign to determine if one action or the addition of multiple are leading to a high Conv. Rate. 

If a high conversion rate is caused by one conversion action, then exclude this action from “Conversions”. You can still view the conversion data for this action but it won't affect your Smart Bidding.

If a high conversion rate is caused by multiple conversion actions, then exclude actions with the highest conversion rate that don't have significant value to the nonprofit from “Conversions". For example: 

  • If you are tracking the completion of a main online goal - like a donation, purchase, signup or download - then exclude conversions that indicate a user’s interest in completing the same action. For example, exclude a Time on site, Pages per session, Smart goal or a view of generic URL. 
  • If you are importing both a Google Analytics goal and a Google Ads goal that tracks the same action then exclude one from 'Conversions'.

Try the campaign conversion setting, which lets you override the account-level “Include in “Conversions’” setting and specify conversion actions for a particular campaign.

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