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Website policy and promoting websites

In your ads' display and destination URLs, you should promote the domain associated with the registered nonprofit that was approved for the Ad Grants program.

Grantees can use sitelink extensions to include additional links in standard text ads. If you use sitelink extensions, make sure that you follow Google's sitelink policies.

Website requirements

There are a few restrictions on the type of website that you can use in your AdWords account when applying for Google Ad Grants.

These restrictions include:

  • Only an approved domain: You can use only one website domain that was approved through the Google for Nonprofits application, the Ad Grants enrollment process, or the Additional Website Domain(s) Request form.
  • Subsections of a website allowed: You can use subsections of your website, such as your volunteer page, events page, or programs page. The subsections must all be using the same domain.
  • Your organization must own its website: Your organization must own the domain you're using. For example, you can't use a website created using a third-party site creation company, including Google Sites, WordPress, or Blogger.
  • No social media pages used: You can't use your social media pages, including Facebook or Google+, as the website in your ads.

Any account found in violation of this policy is subject to automatic suspension without notification.

What is a domain?

A domain is the core part of a website's URL (its Internet address). In the URL "," the domain name is ""

Learn more about domains.


If your organization had the domain name, the following URLs would be allowed under Ad Grants policy:


The following examples would be rejected under Ad Grants policy:

  • (Second domain)
  • (Website built on third-party site)
  • (Social media site)

Updating your website domain

When your website's domain changes, remember to update it in your Ad Grants account.

You are allowed to advertise for only the domain reviewed and approved by our specialists. It is, however, possible to add more domains to your account as long as you have the rights to do so.

To update your website's domain(s), complete the Additional Website Domain(s) Request form, and your request will be reviewed within 5 to 7 business days.

Adding new domains to your account

In certain cases, you may be able to promote multiple domains in a Google Ad Grants account after your original Grants application has been approved.

To request adding new domains to your account, fill out the Additional Website Domain Request form. Your request should be reviewed within 5 business days.

Reasons you can request an exception

You can request an exception to the website policy if you have other websites that:

  • Promote ongoing projects with similar content owned by your organization;
  • Contain the same information as your main domain but for a different language; or
  • Replace your original website because you've changed your domain since applying for Ad Grants.
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