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A managed Google Play Accounts enterprise is a set of user, device, and administrator accounts used to organize managed Google Play apps for your users. You can create multiple managed Google Play Accounts enterprises—say for different departments or regions within your organization. Different enterprise mobility management (EMM) providers can be used for each enterprise.

Types of accounts

User account

A user account can be active on multiple devices. In turn, a user can have the same managed Google Play Account on each of their devices.  However, we recommend not using the same account on more than 10 devices.

Device account

Device accounts are intended for use with single purpose devices. These are Android devices used for Purpose Built Solutions (PBS), such as digital signage or ticket printing. Device accounts aren’t associated with individual users. A device account can only be active on one device at a time. If you use device accounts, each device should have its own separate license for apps.

For single-purpose devices, you should use device accounts, even if user accounts seem to have the functionality you want. User accounts might not have access to future PBS specific functionalities in Android and managed Google Play.

Administrator account

When you create an enterprise for managed Google Play Accounts, the Google Account used becomes an administrator account for the enterprise.  As administrator of the account, you can add other users to help you manage the enterprise. There are 2 different roles you can assign to these users, Admin and Owner. For more information, see Assign roles in managed Google Play Accounts enterprise

Locate your organization ID

Your organization ID is your organization's unique identifier in managed Google Play. Third-party app developers may request this ID so they can make their private apps available to users in your organization. If your organization develops its own private apps, you need your organization ID to publish the app privately to your organization.

To obtain your organization ID:

  1. Sign in to the managed Google Play store.
  2. Click Admin Settings.
  3. Your Organization ID is listed in the Organization information box.

How to create and delete enterprises 

Create a managed Google Play Accounts enterprise
  1. Sign in to your EMM console and navigate to the appropriate section to sign up for Android in the enterprise. You’ll be directed to the Android in the enterprise sign-up page.
  2. Click Sign In
  3. Sign in with a Google Account that isn’t already associated with a managed Google Play Accounts enterprise.
  4. Click Get started
  5. Enter a name for your managed Google Play Accounts enterprise. 
  6. Click Confirm.
  7. Click Complete registration.
    You’ve completed the enterprise setup. Now, you have the administrator account with an Owner role for your managed Google Play Accounts enterprise. You can use managed Google Play to manage apps for your users. For details, see Assign roles in managed Google Play Accounts enterprise
Delete a managed Google Play Accounts enterprise

Important: When you delete a managed Google Play Accounts enterprise, you permanently delete all accounts and data associated with it. Only an Owner can delete a managed Google Play Accounts enterprise.

Before you delete a managed Google Play Accounts enterprise, you need to delete all Admins associated with it. 

  1. Sign in to managed Google Play.
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click More More and then Delete Business
  4. Click Delete to confirm.


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