Known Issues

Download failed

We’re aware that some users are experiencing failed downloads when trying to download a video for offline use. We're currently working toward a resolution.

Downloaded to another device error

Some users have received a “Downloaded to another device” error after attempting to watch a video on a single Android device.

As a workaround, the state of your video can be reset by canceling the transaction and renting or purchasing again. Once the video disappears from the Google Play Movies & TV app (this may take some time), reboot your device, and you should be able to rent or purchase the movie again. If you'd like to try the workaround, please request a refund by clicking the Report a problem link next to your video here.

Purchased movies and TV shows not accessible

Some users are experiencing an issue where their purchased movies and TV shows aren't showing in the Google Play Movies & TV app.

In order to access purchased movies and TV shows, you'll need the upgrade to the latest version of the app, available here.