Earn Google Play Points

Google Play Points is only available in Japan and Korea, and will vary by country. 

Once you’ve joined, you’ll earn points for all Google Play purchases, using the Google Account that you used to join, including:

  • Paid apps or games
  • In-app or in-game purchases
  • In-app or in-game subscriptions
  • Google Play Books, Google Play Movies, or Google Play Music (if available in your country)
  • Other purchases, like Google One, using your Google Account

You can also earn points when you install certain apps and games.

On your Android device, you’ll see how many points you’ll earn when you checkout. On other devices, you’ll see how many points you earned on your email receipt.

How points are tracked

As you earn points, they count towards both Play Points balance and level progress.

  • Play Points balance: Use these points to unlock special items in apps and games or convert to Google Play Credit. When you use points, they are deducted from this balance. Your points balance expires one year after your last points activity, including earning or using points.
  • Level progress: All the points you’ve earned in a calendar year count as progress towards the next level. Points won’t be deducted from your level progress when you use them to get items or for Google Play Credit. Once you reach a level, you keep that level until the end of the next calendar year. At the start of each calendar year, your level might change based on how many points you earned the year before. Learn about moving to a different level.

When you return a purchase that you earned points on, the points will be deducted from your Play Points balance.

How points are calculated

Points are calculated by multiplying the item’s price by the base earn rate for your level. The number of points you’ll earn is rounded up or down to the nearest whole number.

Here’s an example of how points are calculated:

  • At the Bronze level, you earn 1 point per ‎₩1,000 on all purchases. If you spend ‎₩5,000, you’ll get 5 points.
  • When you move up to the Silver level, you earn 1.10 points per ‎₩1,000. If you spend ₩5,000, you’ll get 6 points (rounded up from 5.50).

Earn extra points

You can earn more points when you buy items in certain apps and games with a special earn rate offer. You’ll earn points at the highest available earn rate. Multiple offers can’t be combined on a single purchase.

Here’s an example of how points are calculated with a special earn rate:

  • At the Silver level, your base earn rate for all purchases is 1.10 points per ‎₩1,000.
  • You get a special offer to earn 3 points per ‎₩1,000 in a specific game. This is the better earn rate, so you’ll get this rate for purchases in that game.
  • When you spend ₩10,000 in that game, you’ll earn 30 points for that purchase.

Redeem your weekly rewards

If you are at Silver level or higher in Play Points, you’ll get a weekly reward. Rewards reset once every week, so if you don’t redeem your reward for a given week, you won’t be able to get that week’s rewards after it resets.

  1. On your Android device, open the Google Play Store app Google Play.
  2. Tap Menu Menu and then Play Points and then Perks and then Open.
  3. Tap to claim your Weekly Reward.
Note: You can also check when you’ll get the next weekly reward in the Perks tab.

Find your points and when they expire

  1. On your Android device, open the Google Play Store app Google Play.
  2. Tap Menu Menu and then Play Points.
    • For your points balance, tap Use. Your points balance and expiration date are at the top.
    • For your level progress points, tap More Moreand then Level Benefits. Your total points and expiration date for your current level are at the top.
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