How to buy & listen to audiobooks on Google Play

When you get audiobooks from Google Play, you can listen to the audiobook on your computer, mobile device, Google Home, and Google Assistant.

How to buy & download audiobooks

On your computer, go to your Play Books library.

Find the book you want to buy.

  •  To purchase the audiobook: Click the price and then Buy.
  • To listen to a sample: Click Play sample.
Tip: Users can also buy audiobooks through Play Balance.

How to listen to audiobooks you've downloaded

On your computer, go to your Play Books library.

  1. Use the "Format" filter to filter for Audiobooks.
  2. Click the audiobook you want to listen to.
Tip: If you listen on one device, then switch to another device, the audiobook plays where you left off, at the closest natural stopping point.

More you can do with audiobooks on Google Play

Add & remove a bookmark

  1. On your computer, go to your Play Books library.
  2. Open an audiobook.
  3. From the bottom of the audio player, click Bookmark Bookmark.
    • To delete a bookmark, go to the “Bookmarks” tab. Click  More More and then Remove Bookmark.

Export audiobook files

  1. On your computer, go to your Play Books library.
  2. From the book you want to download, click   More More and then Export.


Tip: Some audiobooks are not available for export. Open the book's details page, scroll to “Additional information,” and check under "Export option."

Download PDF for an audiobook

Some audiobooks come with additional materials such as visuals, charts, graphs, maps, or other appendices.

  1. On your computer, go to your Play Books library.
  2. Open the audiobook.
  3. Click More More and then Download accompanying PDF.

Types of audiobooks

Abridged audiobooks

An abridged audiobook is a shorter version of an audiobook that has been edited for length. You’ll still understand the major plot points of the book, but minor details will be left out.

Abridged audiobooks are available as a separate item in the Play Store from the full length version of the audiobook. Double check which version of the audiobook you want to buy before you finalize your purchase.

Unabridged audiobooks
An unabridged audiobook contains the full literary work. These are the vast majority of the audiobooks in our catalog.
AI-narrated audiobooks

AI-narrated audiobooks use text-to-speech technology to create audio from an ebook.

These audiobooks use a digital voice to read ebooks. You might encounter:

  • Mispronounced words
  • Pauses in places that don’t make sense
  • A mismatch between the tone or emotion of word pronunciations and the content
If you find an issue with your AI-narrated audiobook, contact us to share your feedback.
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