Compare scores with leaderboards

On games that have Play Games leaderboards, you can see how you compare to other players. You can view other players' profiles to see how you compare head-to-head and find games you can play together.

See players' levels and profiles

When you're looking at a leaderboard, select a player to see their level on Play Games. To see a player's full Play Games profile, tap their profile again. On their profile, you'll see:

  • How you compare head-to-head.
  • Their experience points (XP).
  • Games they play or games you both play.

For more information on how to make your Game Profile public or private, visit Using the Play Games app.

Social leaderboard

If friends in your Google+ circles share their activity for the same game you're playing with your Google+ account, you can compare scores on the game's social leaderboard.

You can control which circles can see your gaming activity by changing your Google+ sign-in settings for a game at any time.

Public leaderboard

If you make your gaming activity public while signing in with your Gamer ID, you can see how your scores compare to other games who share their scores publicly.

Leaderboards update regularly, so check back often to see how your scores compare to circles of your friends, co-workers, and people around the world!

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