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Google Play Books Android app features & settings

Here you’ll find information about using Google Play Books app features and settings on an Android device. You can also learn how to use Play Books on your computer or on your iOS device.

What you can do while you’re reading

Turn pages

Just swipe your screen while you’re reading. To use volume controls to turn pages, touch Menu Burger nav > Settings > Use volume key to turn pages.

  • To turn 3D page turning on or off, touch Menu Burger nav > Settings > Use 3D effect for page turning.
Browse, search, and jump to a page or chapter

To choose a specific page, touch the middle of the screen. You can touch the chapter name, page number, slider, or search icon to find the page you want.

Save a page (bookmark)

Touch the top right corner of the page. You can also touch the middle of the screen > Menu vertical menu > Add bookmark.

Make annotations

To highlight, write a note, translate, or search for a word, touch a word and move the sliders to make a selection.

Change text & display

To adjust font size, line spacing, background color, contrast, and more, touch the middle of the page > Font.

Hear your book read aloud

Read Aloud is a computer-generated voice available on Android devices only. It's not the same as an audiobook. To use it, you'll need to be connected to a network.

Start listening to your book

  1. Turn on text-to-speech on your device.
  2. On your Android device, touch the center of the page > Menu vertical menu > Read aloud.

Make the voice quality better

Touch the center of the page > Menu vertical menu > High quality voice.

Important: High quality voice requires a continuous internet connection. It'll stop if you go offline.

Book doesn't support Read aloud feature

It may be because:

  • The publisher chose to disable the feature.
  • The book isn't in Flowing Text mode (required to use Read Aloud).
  • The feature isn't available for iOS devices or on your computer at the moment.
Copy book text

On most books, you can copy text until you reach the maximum amount set by the publisher. Some publishers disable copying text on books so this feature doesn't work for all books.

Use Night Light to adjust display for reading in low light

The Night Light feature automatically adjusts your screen color based on time of day. This can make nighttime reading easier on your eyes. To turn it on or off:

  1. Open Google Play Books .
  2. Open a book you want to read.
  3. Tap the screen once to bring up the menus.
  4. Touch the Font icon .
  5. Touch the Night Light toggle to turn it on or off.

What you can do while browsing your library

Buy books

You can use Search search to find a book you want to buy. When you touch it, the listing opens in the Play Store app where you can check out.

Download books to your device

If you have a book in your library that you’ve never opened on your device, touch its cover to open it and automatically download it.

Organize your library

To arrange your books by title, author, or date last opened, touch Menu Burger nav > My Library > Sort sort in the top right.

Change settings

To change screen rotation, download, page turn, and accessibility settings, touch Menu Burger nav > Settings.

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