Rent textbooks & books

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Discover a convenient and affordable way to get your textbooks and read them anywhere you go - on Android, iOS, and the web - through the Google Play Books app. After renting books, you can read, take notes, copy (in select books) and highlight text for a set time period with the same features available for purchased books on Google Play.

How to rent books and textbooks

You can browse and find textbooks available on Google Play or search for a title.

If you're looking for a specific textbook, you can perform an ISBN search by entering a textbook's ISBN, removing any dashes (-) in your search query.

When a book is available to rent and purchase, it will display a "From" price listing on the book’s detail page and show a rental option when you click through to the checkout screens.

For example: If a book is available to purchase for $9.99 and to rent for $4.99, you’ll see the book’s price listed as "From $4.99."

When both rental and purchase options are available, you can choose whether you’d like to rent the book for a set period of time or purchase the book. Rentals can be available for different time periods that vary depending on the book. Before renting, you’ll see the rental period for the book and the rental price.

Note: Your rental period begins after you’ve completed your rental transaction, even if you haven’t opened the book. Make sure to review a book’s rental period carefully before renting to make sure you’ll have enough time to read your book before your rental expires.

Finding rented books and expiration periods

After you’ve rented a book, it will be available through your Google Play Books app and in your library on the web.

An active rented book will display how much time remains on your rental on the book’s cover. After your rental period has completed, the book will show an Expired label. Once your book rental has expired, you’ll need to rent the book again or purchase it to read it through Google Play Books again.

Some textbooks have special restrictions on the number of devices that can read or save a textbook for offline reading at the same time. If you've reached the limit for a particular title, try reading or only saving the textbook on one device at a time.

Troubleshooting book and textbook rentals

A placeholder book appears in My Library instead of my rented book
Make sure that you’ve updated to the latest version of the Google Play Books app.
Can I make notes and highlights in rented books?
You can make notes and highlights in rented books. If your rental period expires and you rent or purchase the book again, your notes and highlights will be available.
I haven’t started reading a book and my rental period has started
After you’ve rented a book, your rental period begins right after your rental transaction has completed - not when you open your book.
A purchased or rented book isn’t showing in My Library
Make sure you’re signed in to your intended Google Account or try these troubleshooting steps.
A textbook or book I want to rent is only available for purchase
Not all textbooks and books are available for rental at this time.