Challenge others with multiplayer mode

On multiplayer-enabled games, you can play friends in real-time and turn-based matches from within the game, and play with people who are nearby.

Start a multiplayer game

After selecting multiplayer or head-to-head modes in a game, options can include:

  • Auto-pick: A mode to play with someone in the world looking to play this game.
    • Auto-picking players in real-time games is always anonymous.
  • Invite friends: Find people in your network.
  • Nearby Players: Find people to play with who are within talking distance from you.
  • Pending Invitations: Accept or decline invitations sent to you from friends or others on Play Games.

Once players have accepted invitations and you're connected, you're ready to start playing a game together. You won't receive a notification if your invitation has been declined. If you send an invitation and your multiplayer game doesn't start, your opponent either declined your invitation or needs to change their notification settings before you can play together.

In some games, you can take turns with your opponent. When it's your turn, you'll see a notification on your device. Select the notification to return to your game.

Invite someone near you to play

With select multiplayer games on Play Games, you can easily start playing with people nearby by turning on the "Nearby Players" option. When people near you also have the game open and the option on, they can join the game instantly.

Learn how the Nearby Players feature detects people around you (usually within 300 feet).

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, go to the multiplayer section within a game.
  2. Tap Nearby players: Off to turn the feature on.
  3. Under "Players near you," tap the name of a player.
    • Only people who have the same game open and the Nearby Players option turned on will appear in this list. You can't invite friends who are nearby if they don't have the same game open.
    • Players do not need to be in your Google+ circles to appear in this list.
  4. Tap Play.

Nearby Players will turn off every time you exit the game or the multiplayer section within a game; you'll need to turn it on again to start another game. Turning Nearby Players on or off within a game will not change the Nearby setting of your Android device.

See and respond to multiplayer invitations

On your mobile device
  1. On your Android phone or tablet, you can see multiplayer invitation notifications by swiping down from the top of the screen on your Android device.
  2. Tap the notification, then respond to the invitation.
On Android TV
  1. Open Google Play Games Play Games.
  2. Select Inbox.
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