Track achievements, XP, & leaderboards

In many games, you can earn achievements, track your experience points (XP), and see your standing on leaderboards with Google Play Games Mobile App.

Check your achievements and XP

You can earn achievements and experience points (XP) that mark your accomplishments in a game.

  • When you earn an achievement, a pop-up overlay shows what you unlocked.
  • The more difficult the achievement, the more XP you earn.

When you earn enough XP, you level up your Play Games profile.

Compare scores on leaderboards

If you make your gamer profile public, you can check how your scores compare to other gamers. Learn how to make your Gamer profile public.

Check leaderboards

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Play Games Mobile App Play Games.
  2. Select a game to open the details page.
  3. Tap Leaderboards.
  4. Select a leaderboard.
  5. If the game has multiple leaderboards, select a leaderboard.

Check your level

  1. Open the Google Play Games Mobile App Play Games.
  2. At the bottom, tap Profile.
  3. Your level will be the number on your profile picture.

See players' levels and profiles

On a leaderboard, select a player to see their profile on Play Games. On their profile, you can view:

  • A comparison of your scores
  • Their experience points (XP)
  • Games they play or games you both play
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