Info cards on Google Play Movies & TV

While using the Google Play Movies & TV app, you may see info cards when your video is paused. Info cards can help you discover actors, related films, and songs that are included in your movie or TV show.

About info cards

Info cards only appear within the Google Play Movies & TV app when movies are paused. To see info cards, your device needs to be running Android 4.0 or higher.

To check if a video has info cards:

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open Play Movies & TV Play Movies.
  2. Visit the detail page of a movie or TV show.
  3. Under "Info cards," check for "Enabled."
Identify actors

When watching select full-length movies and TV shows, tap your screen to pause playback and learn more about the actors visible on-screen.

When a video with info cards is paused, identified actors will have a circle around their faces. You can find other movies and shows an actor has been in and learn more about them.

If actors in your video are not circled:

  • The movie or TV show may not have info cards.
  • The actor may not be facing in the camera, in clear view, or could be in costume.
Discover music

To identify songs being played in a movie or TV show, tap your screen to pause playback while the song is being played. If the song is identified, cards will show the song's title, artist, along with where you can download the song, album, or soundtrack on Google Play.

If music cards don't appear when you pause your video:

  • The movie or TV show may not have info cards.
  • A song may not have been playing when the video was paused.
  • Not all songs can be identified.

Note: Info cards are not available on all movies and TV shows.

Some Google Play products and features aren't available in all countries. See what's available in your country.
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