Watch movies & TV shows on your mobile device

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With Google Play Movies Google Play Movies & TV, you can watch what you love, wherever you are.

Google Play Movies & TV is available on Android and iOS devices running Android 2.2 or iOS 6.0 and higher.

Select one of the menu items below to learn more about the Google Play Movies Play Movies app.

Watch Now

On Watch Now, find videos that you’ve recently watched or added to your library on Google Play.

My Movies and My TV Shows

On My Movies and My TV shows, find videos that you’ve rented or purchased on Google Play.

On Device

Find videos you’ve downloaded to watch offline on your device.


Go to the Movies & TV section of the Google Play Store Play Store.


Review and change your Google Play Movies Play Movies & TV app settings.

Play videos

To play a video, select a movie and touch Play Play or select a TV episode.

You can stream videos using a Wi-Fi or a 3G or 4G network connection. Streaming quality adjusts to your Internet connection speed.

  • To help ensure higher quality playback, you can download your video for offline viewing.

After selecting a video, touch the Play/Pause button to start and stop playback.

Seek controls (Android)

While a video is playing, you can touch and swipe your screen to use seek controls.

  • To rewind or fast forward just a few seconds, touch and drag your finger across the screen.
  • To skip forward or backward ten seconds, swipe to the right or left. You can swipe forward or backward as many times as you want.

Also, you can touch the progress bar at the bottom of your screen to fast forward or rewind.

Start watching on one device, continue on another

With the Google Play Movies Play Movies & TV app, you can start watching on one device and continue watching on another. When you’re signed in to your account, your watching position is saved so you can pick up watching right where you left off.

Note: Your watching position isn’t saved when watching videos on your computer ( or Chromecast. To help ensure uninterrupted viewing, make sure sure you're only watching using one device at a time.

Streaming, caption, and download settings

You can change your streaming, caption, and download settings through your Google Play Movies Play Movies & TV app Settings menu.

  • Android: Open Google Play Movies Play Movies & TV > Touch the Google Play Movies Play Movies icon > Settings.
  • iOS: Open Google Play Movies Play Movies & TV > Touch Menu Menu > Settings Settings.
Watch personal videos (Android)

On some Android devices, you can watch videos from your Google Drive account or videos from your device’s gallery.

Open Google Play Movies Play Movies & TV > Touch Menu Menu > Personal videos > Choose a video source.