Buy & download books from Google Play


Explore available e-books on Google Play Books and purchase e-books to read on your electronic device. 

Browse for & buy e-books

  1. Open Google Play Books.
  2. Search for an e-book or browse recommendations.
  3. To get more info about an e-book, click the cover.
  4. To buy the e-book, click the price, then click Buy.

Download e-books to your computer

  1. Open Google Play Books.
  2. Click My books.
  3. Next to the title of the e-book you want to download, click More More and then Download EPUB.

See which devices an e-book will work with

  1. Search for an e-book in the Google Play Books store. Or, find an e-book in your library and click More More and then About this book.
  2. Scroll to the "Additional information" section.
  3. Find the "Best for" section. Supported devices are listed.
    • If more than one kind of device is listed, choose your favorite device.
    • If only one kind of device appears, the book only works on that device.

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