When to expect charges

Once you purchase digital content on Google Play (Android apps, books, magazines, movies, TV shows or music), you’ll be charged shortly after, and those charges generally post to your credit/debit card within a few days.

When you purchase a device or device accessories on Google Play (Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7, covers, chargers, etc.), you will be charged at the time your order has shipped - usually within a few days after placing your order.

Sign in from your computer at wallet.google.com/manage and click on Transactions along the lefthand side to confirm you were charged and to see details of your order, including the payment method used and the exact time you were charged.

Failed charges

When placing an order using your Google Wallet account, you'll receive an automatic email from Google notifying you if there is a failed charge. For digital items, failed charges are automatically cancelled and may not be re-instated - in order to receive the item, you’ll need to place the order again using a valid payment method.

For items ordered from the devices section of Google Play, you must sign in to your Google Wallet account and update your payment information within seven days. If your payment information is not updated within seven days after the card declines, at that time, your order will automatically be cancelled.

Be aware that updating your payment information may result in any previously declined orders being automatically charged to the new/updated card. Before placing a new order, please visit wallet.google.com/manage to check for any pending orders that may have been updated.

If your credit/debit card was declined, consider the following issues that users often encounter when making purchases online:

  • Your information was incorrectly typed. Reenter the entire card number without any spaces or dashes.
  • You've entered an expired credit card. Verify your card hasn't expired, and enter the correct expiration date.
  • You've incorrectly entered the Card Verification Code (CVC). Double-check the number and type it in again.
  • Your billing address doesn't match the one on file with your bank. Check that the address listed in your Google Wallet account matches the billing address that appears on your credit/debit card statement.

If you're not able to correct the problem after double-checking and re-entering all of your information, we suggest contacting the bank that issued your card for more information. Once you successfully update your payment information, Google Play can charge and fulfill your order. To view the status of your order and confirm that your card was successfully charged, sign into your account at wallet.google.com/manage.