Connectivity requirements for Google Play

We recommend using Google Play and the Google Play Google Play Store app when you have a strong Internet connection, either using Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Tip: You don’t need to connect your device to a computer via USB cable to download on Google Play, since you will be accessing Google Play through your device’s Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.

If you're having trouble accessing the Google Play Google Play Store app on your mobile device, here are a few common signs that your device isn’t connected properly.

  • Downloads don't start or remain at 0%.
  • Downloads complete using Wi-Fi but not mobile data, or vice versa.
  • Your downloads consistently time out.
  • You can’t sign in to Hangouts.
  • Google Play is stuck on "Loading..."
  • Your Google Account isn’t syncing.

If you think you're having connectivity issues with your network, contact your mobile or Internet service provider.

Wi-Fi troubleshooting

  1. Check if firewalls are blocking access to ports required by Google Play (TCP and UDP 5228).
  2. Restart your router and mobile device.
  3. Turn Airplane mode on and off.

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