Read books on your computer

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You can read books on Google Play using your computer by visiting Click the arrows on the left and right edges of your browser window to turn pages or use the page slider at the bottom of your window. As you're reading, page numbers are displayed on the bottom right of your browser window.

Features and settings

You can access reading features and display settings using the menu at the top of your screen. Available settings can vary depending on your book.

  • Browse Browse content: Browse by chapter and review added highlights and notes.
  • Display Display settings: Change your book's display - including typeface, text size, line height, and alignment.
  • Search Search: Search your book for words or phrases. You can sort your results by page order or relevance.
    • You can also click to highlight text and select a displayed option to search within a book, on Google or Wikipedia for words or phrases.
  • Help Help: Click Help > About this book to visit a book's detail page on Google Play.


Click the Bookmark Add bookmark icon in the top-right of your screen to add a bookmark. Once a bookmark has been added, the bookmark will turn Bookmark red to show it's been added. You can click an Bookmark added bookmark to remove it.

You can find all your bookmarks by clicking the Browse Browse content icon > Bookmarks. Your bookmarks will be available on any computer or the Google Play Books app Google Play Books app when signed in to the same account.

Audio and video

Select books include audio and video content that you can enjoy on your computer. Click the Play icon to play the enhanced content.

Note: Audio and video content is only available when you're connected to the Internet.