Read books on Google Play

After you buy & download e-books on Google Play, you can:

  • Read online or read offline
  • Read e-books on more than one device
  • Jump to a different part of the e-book
  • Change the font, brightness, and other display options

Open a book

  1. Go to your Google Play Books library.
  2. To open an e-book, click the cover.

Change font, text size, & other formatting

  1. Open Google Play Books.
  2. Open an e-book.
  3. At the top right, click Display options Display options.
  4. Make your changes.
  5. To return to reading, at the top right of the options box, click Close Close.

Jump to a chapter

  1. Open Google Play Books.
  2. Open an e-book.
  3. Click Contents Contents.
  4. Go to a chapter, bookmark, note, or info card (if available).

Read on a different device

When you open your e-book on a different device from the one you started on, it’ll automatically open to where you left off. Make sure:

  • Your device is connected to the internet when you stop or start reading your e-book
  • You’re signed in to the same account for Google Play Books on both devices

If your e-book doesn’t open to the right page, try refreshing the page and check your Wi-Fi connection.

Note: If you transferred the book to your device using Adobe Digital Editions, page positions won’t sync.

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