Read books on your computer

You can use your computer to read books you bought on Google Play and use features like bookmarks, notes, and word definitions to enhance your reading experience.

Get started with Google Play Books

  1. Find books to buy: You can browse or search for books on Google Play.
  2. Read books you’ve bought: Visit your Google Play Books page and click on the book you want to read.
    • You can filter your books by Uploads, Purchases, Rentals, and Samples.

Bookmark pages, add notes, play multimedia, and more

Bookmark pages

Click the Bookmark Bookmark icon in the top right corner of the page.

Add notes, translate words, & search phrases

As you're reading, you can add notes, get definitions or translations, or search for words or phrases. Here's how:

  1. Highlight a word or phrase.
  2. You'll see the following options:
    • Note: Click this option to enter a note.
    • Translate: See a translation of the word or phrase you selected.
    • Search: Search for your selected word or phrase within the book, on the web, or on Wikipedia.
Play audio and video

When books have interactive content, click the Play button to start playing the audio or video. If you turn the page, the audio or video will stop playing.

Note: Audio and video can only be played when you’re connected to the Internet.

New to Google Play Books? Learn the basics

Learn how to enjoy your books anywhere you go.