Gold level benefits on Google Play Points for Play Pass subscribers

Play Pass subscribers in France, Germany, United States, and the United Kingdom will now be eligible to receive Gold level benefits on Google Play Points. To learn more about the different tiers, go to How to check your Google Play Points level & benefits. This benefit is subject to the Play Pass Gold Level benefits terms.

For subscribers in the United States: this benefit is being tested with subscribers selected at random and may not be available to all US Play Pass subscribers. It may become available for all US Play Pass subscribers in the near future.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Be located in France, Germany, United States (subject to roll out), or United Kingdom
  • Be enrolled in Google Play Points
  • Have an active, auto-renewing, and paid Play Pass subscription

Important: If you are on a $0 trial or a prepaid subscription, you are not eligible for this benefit.


How do I access this benefit?

  1. Enroll in Google Play Points
  2. Subscribe to Play Pass
  3. Open the Google Play Store
  4. Tap Play Pass on the bottom nav bar
  5. Tap Offers
  6. Scroll to Additional perks
  7. Tap Learn More on the Play Points Gold level perk

What if I’m already Gold level on Google Play Points?

If you have already reached Gold level in Google Play points, your status will not change.

My points didn’t change

Your existing Play Points balance will not be impacted by this offer.

What happens if I cancel my Play Pass subscription?

When your subscription ends, you may lose Gold level benefits on Google Play Points. Your updated Google Play Points level will be based on how many points you have earned. Learn how to check your Google Play Points level & benefits.

What happens if I cancel my Play Pass subscription and subscribe again?

Follow the steps above to access this benefit again. Once you’ve resubscribed and accessed the benefit again, you will regain your Gold level benefits for the period of your subscription.

I’m on a family plan, can my family members also receive this?

No. Only the family member that purchased the Play Pass subscription is eligible for this reward.

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