Try Play Books features including AI recommendations in beta

You can get early access to some highly requested Play Books features when you turn on beta features.


  • Due to the experimental nature of these features, some users might not have access to them.
  • These features are only available on a computer or mobile browser.
  • Although we maintain high standards for all features we make, these features may be less stable and aren’t guaranteed to become standard features.
  • AI-powered recommendations are only available to users in the US.

Turn on features in beta

  1. On your device, open your Play Books Library.
  2. Select Settings and then Play Books beta features.
  3. Select the features you want to turn on.

Features that you can try

  • Ready to Read shelf: This shelf shows books that you haven’t finished yet.
  • AI-powered recommendations: You can get 3 types of AI-powered recommendations based on the title or shelf you select in your Play Books Library.
    • Recommendations based on a book:
      • Select a book and then More More and then Get recommendations.
    • Recommendations based on multiple books:
      • Select the books you want recommendations for and thenGet recommendations.
    • Recommendations based on a shelf:
      1. On the left, under “Shelves,” select the shelf you want recommendations for.
      2. Select Get recommendations.

Tip: AI recommendations are experimental. Quality may vary.

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