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A quest is a series of steps that rewards you when you complete them all. The quest detail page lists the required steps along with the rewards you get when you’re done.

When you’re eligible for a quest, it appears on your Google Play Points page. Google Play tracks your activities to provide the right reward when you complete a quest. Go to the Play Points Terms of Service and the Google Privacy Policy for more information.


  • The quests you receive depend on things like your status as a new member, your Play Points level, or other behaviors.
  • The steps may vary between users.
  • Unless the quest page says otherwise, you can complete the steps in any order you choose.
  • Some quests require you to have Web & App Activity turned on to track in-game activity. If you turn off Web & App Activity, it can impact your ability to earn rewards. Learn more about Web & App Activity.
  • Some quests require that you sign in with Google Play to complete steps. If you play games without signing in to your Play Games profile, it could impact your ability to complete quests and earn rewards. Learn more about Play Games.
  • Google Play Points Terms of Service applies to any quest offers or promotions.

Common questions

What does “purchase” mean?

Any transaction that earns you Play Points is considered a “purchase” within quests. When you buy an app or a game, make a subscription payment, buy something in an app, or rent a book or a movie, these transactions count as “purchases” toward quests. 

Tip: You won’t earn points for extended trials if you don’t provide a payment.


When you use points to exchange an item, you don’t get any new points. When you use points to complete a purchase, it isn’t considered a purchase toward quests.

When you purchase an item in your game or app, you get points. An in-app purchase qualifies as a purchase toward quests.

When you renew your Play Pass subscription, you get points. This subscription renewal is considered a purchase toward quests.

What if a purchase I made is canceled or refunded before I complete the quest?
  • If your purchase is canceled: As long as your quest is still incomplete, you can make another qualified purchase and finish the campaign.
  • If your purchase is refunded after the quest is complete: The quest returns to an incomplete state. You can still complete the quest.
  • If you claimed a reward but a purchase that affects your quest status is reversed: Your quest reward may also be reversed.

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