Takedowns & removals

A publisher may remove an ebook or audiobook ("Book") from sale for their own commercial reasons, or Google may remove a specific Book from sale, for example if it violates our Content Policies. In such cases, you will no longer be able to purchase the Book on Google Play. However, if you have already purchased the Book, you can still access it in your library, read it on the web reader and on all supported devices, and download the Book. Your use of the Book will not be affected.

In certain circumstances, Google may have to remove a specific Book that you purchased from your library. This could happen if someone represented themselves as the rightsholder in offering the Book for sale, but someone else came forward and disputed their ownership of the rights and sent us a legal demand for removal. In these circumstances, we try to persuade the disputing party to allow the Book to remain on your library, but if unsuccessful we are obligated to remove it without advance notice. You will no longer see the Book in your library, and you will be unable to download the Book again or read it in the web reader or Google Play Books reader apps. We will contact you to inform you of the removal, refund your purchase, and try to find you an alternate copy of the Book, either in digital form from another provider or in a new or used physical format. We will try our best, where possible, to ensure you retain access to any reviews or other content about the Book that you entered into Google Books.

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