App visibility & discovery issues

We understand you are concerned about your app’s visibility on Google Play. Please note that your app must be published to Production for it to be publicly available and searchable on Google Play. If your APK is currently in Alpha/Beta and you wish it to be in Production, please go to your APK, select the Promote menu, choose Promote to Prod and save your changes.

Please note that changes made in your Google Play Developer Console will not be instantly reflected on Google Play and may take several hours to update. Please be patient while Google Play indexes and publishes changes to your app.

If your app is not appearing for 24 hours, please select one of the options below:

  • My app shows on Google Play web store, but not on a device
  • I cannot find my app when searching by its name
  • I have a question about application featuring
  • My app's position has changed in results
  • My app has been removed from Google Play
  • Beta-testing and staged rollouts issues

Please review most common reasons below:

  • Your device is not supported
  • App gets filtered due to a small cache partition on the device
  • Didn't find an answer to your question? Let us know

Please review options below:

  • There is no active APK in Alpha/Beta
  • I want to remove the APK in Production so that my app is only published in Alpha/Beta
  • You don't have a Google Group or Google+ Community added
  • You are unable to use a Google Apps Google Group as a test group
  • The app has to be published for at least 24 hours
  • The user, who is attempting to access the app, currently is not in the test group
  • The user hasn't opted-in by using the link provided in the Developer Console
  • User hasn’t waited long enough after opting-in
  • The user is trying to access your app directly without using the link provided in the opt-in page
  • The user’s device is not listed as compatible in the APK tab of the Developer Console
  • The user is not in a selected distribution location
  • There is more than one account on the user’s device
  • The Production version name is displayed on the app’s Google Play page
  • The user receives the Production version instead of the test version
  • When new users install my app during a staged rollout, which version will they receive?
  • None of the above