We don't allow apps that spam users or Google Play, such as apps that send users unsolicited messages or apps that are repetitive or low-quality.




Message Spam

We don’t allow apps that send SMS, email, or other messages on behalf of the user without giving the user the ability to confirm the content and intended recipients.


Webviews and Affiliate Spam

We don’t allow apps whose primary purpose is to drive affiliate traffic to a website or provide a webview of a website without permission from the website owner or administrator.
Examples of common violations
  • An app whose primary purpose is to drive referral traffic to a website to receive credit for user sign-ups or purchases on that website.
  • Apps whose primary purpose is to provide a webview of a website without permission:

         ① This app is called “Bob’s Movie Search App” and it simply provides a webview of IMDb.


Repetitive Content

We don't allow apps that merely provide the same experience as other apps already on Google Play. Apps should provide value to users through the creation of unique content or services.
Examples of common violations
  • Copying content from other apps without adding any original content or value.
  • Creating multiple apps with highly similar functionality, content, and user experience. If these apps are each small in content volume, developers should consider creating a single app that aggregates all the content.
Apps that are created by an automated tool, wizard service, or based on templates and submitted to Google Play by the operator of that service on behalf of other persons are not allowed. Such apps are only permissible if they are published by an individually registered developer account belonging to the user of the automated tool, not the operator of the service.


Made for Ads

We do not allow apps whose primary purpose is to serve ads.
Examples of common violations
  • Apps where interstitial ads are placed after every user action, including but not limited to clicks, swipes, etc.


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