Content Ratings

Content ratings on Google Play are provided by the International Age Rating Coalition (IARC) and are designed to help developers communicate locally relevant content ratings to users. Regional IARC authorities maintain guidelines which are used to determine the maturity level of the content in an app. We don’t allow apps without a content rating on Google Play.


How content ratings are used

Content ratings are used to inform consumers, especially parents, of potentially objectionable content that exists within an app. They also help filter or block your content in certain territories or to specific users where required by law, and determine your app’s eligibility for special developer programs.


How content ratings are assigned

To receive a content rating, you must fill out a rating questionnaire on the Play Console that asks about the nature of your apps’ content. Your app will be assigned a content rating from multiple rating authorities based on your questionnaire responses. Misrepresentation of your app’s content may result in removal or suspension, so it is important to provide accurate responses to the content rating questionnaire.

To prevent your app from being listed as “Unrated”, you must complete the content rating questionnaire for each new app submitted to the Play Console, as well as for all existing apps that are active on Google Play. Apps without a content rating will be removed from the Play Store.

If you make changes to your app content or features that affect the responses to the rating questionnaire, you must submit a new content rating questionnaire in the Play Console.

Visit the Help Center to find more information on the different rating authorities and how to complete the content rating questionnaire.


Rating appeals

If you do not agree with the rating assigned to your app, you can appeal directly to the IARC rating authority using the link provided in your certificate email.


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