App visibility and discovery issues

You can find answers to many questions about app visibility and discovery issues in the Play Console Help Center, and our support team can help with the rest.

Tips for common issues

  • When you publish an app or an update, we let you know how long the review process should take before your changes can go live. If your update is taking longer than we indicated and you still haven’t seen your changes on Google Play, troubleshoot your specific issue below.
  • If you want your app to be available and searchable on Google Play, make sure that your app is published to production. If you’re running a closed or internal test and want to make your app publicly available, create a production release.
I can’t find my app on some devices

If you can’t find your app on some Android devices, it’s possible that those devices aren’t supported or are excluded by your app. Learn how to review your app’s device compatibility and excluded devices.

Also, make sure that the Android devices you’re using are supported for use with Google Play.

If you’re still unable to find your app, please contact our support team.

I can’t find my app using search/My app’s position changed in search results

Similar to a search on Google, Google Play search takes multiple factors into account, such as app titles, developer names, and app descriptions. To help your app get discovered, make sure that you’re following best practices for creating a comprehensive store listing.

With new apps being published every day and ongoing changes to how search results are ranked, you can expect search results to change regularly. Also, people can get different search results depending on their device, location, mobile carrier, support for available features, and more.

If you have a paid app, remember that while paid apps are available in many countries, they aren’t available in others. For more information, go to Filters on Google Play.

To make sure that your app is listed on Google Play, here’s how you can visit your store listing page:

  1. Sign in to Play Console.
  2. Select an app.
  3. Under your app’s name, click View on Google Play.
How can my app get featured on Google Play?

While we don’t accept self-nominations to be featured on Google Play, you can help your app get discovered on Google Play by creating a compelling store listing with the right kind of images and videos. Top performing apps can be featured by the Google Play team on a number of promoted lists

You can learn more about distributing your app on Google Play on the Android Developers site.

My app has been removed, rejected, or suspended from Google Play

You can learn more about rejections, removals, and suspensions in our Help Center.

Issues with geo- or IP-restricted apps

Using geolocation or IP to limit your app to specific countries forces some users to rely on proxies to access it. Sometimes, this causes our systems to flag user purchases as fraudulent. To prevent issues, avoid adding geolocation or IP restrictions to your app.

Also, to ensure that you’re distributing your app to the right countries, make sure to review the countries where your app is available.

Issues running an open, closed, or internal test

You can find complete instructions on how to run open, closed, or internal tests in our Help Center.

If you have specific questions that you need help with, contact our support team.

Issues releasing an app update with a staged rollout

You can find complete instructions on how to release an app update with a staged rollout in our Help Center.

If you have specific questions that you need help with, contact our support team.

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