Change or delete a bank account info

You cannot change your bank account information in your payments profile once it has been verified to receive merchant payments. You can delete bank accounts, add bank accounts, and choose an existing one as your primary account to receive merchant payments from Google.

Delete a bank account

Here’s how to delete the bank account that you have used to get merchant payments from Google.

  1. Sign in to your Play Console.
  2. Click Settings  > Payments Settings.
  3. Under “How you get paid,” click Choose Payment Method.
  4. Under the account you would like to delete, click Remove.
  5. To fully remove that payment method from your payments profile, click Remove on the screen that opens.
You cannot delete the only account verified to receive merchant payments from your payments profile. In order to delete your profile's only account, you must add and verify a new account and set it as your primary account, then delete the old one. 

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