Link your developer account to Google services

You can link your Google Play Developer account to select accounts and services. This includes Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform, Firebase and the Google payments centre.

Link accounts or projects

Google Ads

Play Console account owners can send link requests from Play Console to Google Ads accounts to give permission to target campaigns to users.

How linking works

When you link a Google Ads and Google Play Developer account, Google Ads account owners will get access to automatically generated remarketing lists for apps that are published on your developer account.

You can remove a linked account at any time. If a linked account is removed, Google Ads remarketing lists that are based on apps in the linked developer account will be disabled, and any ads targeting those lists may not run. For more information on how to link Google Ads and developer accounts, visit the Google Ads Help Centre.

Send link requests

  1. Open Play Console and go to the Linked services page (Setup > Linked services).
  2. Under 'Google Ads', click Link Google Ads account.
  3. Type the Google Ads customer ID.

An email request will be sent to the Google Ads account. Google Ads account administrators can review link requests by signing in to their Google Ads accounts and click Setup > Linked services.


How linking works

If you use Firebase to build Android apps, you can link your Firebase Android app to a Google Play Developer account to enable the following:

  • App Distribution: Support for Android App Bundles
    • When you upload an app bundle to App Distribution, it’s exported to Google Play to generate an APK that's optimised for your tester's Device configuration.
  • Google Analytics: Share revenue and audience data

Link or unlink an app

You can create and manage links for Firebase apps to Play developer accounts using the Firebase console (Project settings > Integrations > Google Play). Visit the Firebase Help Centre for more information.

You can unlink a Firebase app from a Play developer account using either Play Console or the Firebase console.

The following will happen for an app that's unlinked:

  • Any data that is previously exported will remain accessible in the recipient product(s). 
  • If the app was linked via the App Distribution integration, you will no longer be able to upload new app bundles to App Distribution and export them to Google Play via the App Distribution integration.
  • If the app was linked via the Google Analytics integration, all exports of revenue and audience data between Google Play and Google Analytics through this integration will stop.

Before you start

To link a Firebase app and a Play Console app, make sure that:

  • You're using the same Google Account for both Play Console and the Firebase console.
  • You have the proper access:

To unlink a Play Console app from a Firebase app, make sure that:


Learn how to link a Firebase app to a Play developer account in the Firebase Help Centre. It also has details on how you can unlink your account and other helpful information.

If you choose to unlink your Firebase Android app using Play Console, follow these steps:

  1. Open Play Console, and then go to the Linked services page (Setup > Linked services).
  2. Under 'Firebase', select Unlink.
Google Marketing Platform

If you or the advertising agency that you're working with wants to use Campaign Manager 360 or Display & Video 360 to track app install conversions, you can send an account link request from a Google Marketing Platform account to your Google Play Developer account.

Important: Link requests need to be sent from CM360 or Display & Video 360 and approved in Play Console. You can only accept, reject or remove requests in Play Console.

You can remove a linked account at any time. If a linked account is removed, tracking in Google Marketing Platform for apps from the linked developer account will be disabled.

Review link requests

After an account administrator requests to link a Google Ads or Google Marketing Platform account to your developer account, you'll receive an email notification. You can also review requests on your Play Console setup page.

  1. Open Play Console and go to the Linked services page (Setup > Linked services).
  2. Under 'Actions', approve or reject the link request.

Revoke links to other accounts

To remove links to Google Ads or Google Marketing Platform accounts:

  1. Open Play Console and go to the Linked services page (SetupLinked services).
  2. Under 'Actions', click Unlink account.

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