View changes with your Activity log

Using the Activity log, account owners can see changes made to Play Console by account users. The Activity log records information for the lifetime of the developer account.

View your Activity log

To view changes that team members have made to your apps and account, open Play Console and go to the Activity log.

Activity log details

By default, all of your apps are shown in the Activity log and up to 200 changes are displayed.

Near the top of your Activity log page, you can use the "Application" or "Changed item" filters to find changes made to Play Console. If you have a lot of apps or changes associated with your developer account, use these filters to help you quickly find the changes that you’re looking for.

To use the filters, click the search box to select a filter or type to search. With the "Application" filter, you can search by app or package name. With the "Changed item" filter, you can search for a specific change type.

Note: When you're using filters on the Activity log, you can use one "Application" filter and up to one "Changed item" filter at a time.

For each action, the following details are displayed:

  • App: App where the change was made
  • Item: Page and section where the change occurred (includes publishing and status changes)
  • Change: Details of the change (some changes may be truncated or shortened and can be expanded by clicking the down arrow Down)
  • User: Email address of the user that made the change
  • Date/Time: When the change was made in your local time zone

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