FAQs for Google Play Signature Edition

What better way to start a lifetime of app engagement with your users, than a simple, personal, and intimate onboarding experience.

What integrated services are available with Signature Edition?

We wanted Signature Edition to feel like a natural extension of your distribution channel on Google Play. You’ll be able to track sessions and installs from Signature Edition via Google Analytics to see how much better your apps perform when adding that personal touch.

How can I track performance of my Signature Edition apps?

Google Play puts a powerful amount of data at your fingertips; Signature Edition is no exception. You’ll be able to slice-and-dice your data by a number of additional dimensions related to your Signature Edition optionals, including: Packaging Type, Wax Seal, Personal Message, and more.

Will Signature Edition be available for in-app products?

App installation is just the beginning. Though our program is currently limited to first-time installation of your APK, we’re already planning an aggressive model to deliver in-app products using Signature Edition. Imagine your users’ delight when they get a customized, signed box for each in-app product SKU they order. Getting “Extra Lives” will never be the same!

What happens if the user decides they want a refund?

We’ve spared no expense to ensure that returns and refunds are quick and easy. A quantum-entangled particle in each package will vibrate in sync with our particle database here at Google and notify us when the package has been opened, and the USB drive inserted. If the user reseals the package within 15 minutes, our servers will confirm the app is not installed, and the user will receive a full refund.

What is the environment impact of Google Play Signature Edition?

Google always looking for ways to make our services more green. We encourage all developers participating in Google Play Signature Edition to hand-deliver their apps using natural sources of locomotion such as biking and walking. While not all participants are willing to take green delivery quite as far as kayaking from New York to London to hand-deliver their apps, many reported that they feel increased sense of community involvement by getting to know individual app consumers in their neighborhood. (We just want to remind everyone to pay attention to ‘Beware of the dog’ signs.)

Even if you choose to use more conventional methods to deliver your Signature Edition apps, keep in mind that by taking your apps out of the Internet's tubes you are enabling bytes to flow more freely! During the Pilot phase of the Signature Edition, all participants were able to take the byte equivalent of two (2) HD movies out of the Internet.

How domestic and international return shipments work?

Returns of Signature Edition apps are easy. Each App comes with a pre-printed return shipping label. Our labels are customized to match our plethora of custom shipping box choices.

  • Homespan: label is hand-drawn on a piece of burlap with a quill.
  • Space Age: label is printed on a 3-D printer. ‘Live long and prosper’ and ‘May the force be with you’ lines are extra.
  • Gaucho: label is woven from bay leaves in a small cooperative in Gourmet Ghetto area of Berkeley.
  • Racing line: label is made from Formula 1 recycled signal flags.
  • Bling: label is plated in gold leaf. Diamond encrusting and celebrity fingerprints are extra.

If you are personally delivering your Signature Edition app, to save on return shipping costs, you may want to invite yourself over to tea with the user while they take your app for a spin.

Who do I contact if I have issues with Google Play Signature Edition?

We want to help make your Signature Edition app development process as smooth as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with our Google Play Signature Edition Support team. We offer email, chat and telepathic support. If you think hard enough about the question you have, we'll think of an answer for you!

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