Translate & localize your app

Google Play provides you with great selection of tools to help localize your app.

Translated Google Play store listing

Once you’ve saved a change to your app, automated translations of your store listing will become available -- but remember that a human translation is always best. For languages where translation was not provided by the developer, the user can choose to view an automatic translation of listing details in Google Play. There will be a note above the translation explaining that the translation has been done automatically, and an option to return to the default language. At this time automated translations are not supported for Armenian, Raeto-romance, Tagalog and Zulu.

Localized graphic assets

You can add localized screenshots, feature graphics, hi-res icons, promo graphics and YouTube video URLs, so that users who speak different languages can see what your app will look like in their language. Please create a single store listing for all languages. Once you add graphics and videos in a certain language, users whose language preferences match it would see the localized version of assets in Google Play.

Translated APK text strings

In the Google Play Developer Console, you can purchase professional translations of your apps.

You will see additional information about translating your app on the bottom of the APK page. Use this service to translate your APK strings, and then upload the translated APK to Google Play. You can also include your Store Listing text: your app name and description. Not all language pairs are supported at this time, although we are working on adding more. If you have any questions about the specific order placed with the translation provider, please contact the provider in question.

Learn more about localizing your app.

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