AI-Generated Content

As generative AI models become more widely available to developers, you may be incorporating these models into your apps to increase engagement and improve user experience. Google Play wants to help ensure that AI-generated content is safe for all users and that user feedback is incorporated to enable responsible innovation.

AI-Generated Content

AI-generated content is content that is created by generative AI models based on user prompts. Examples of AI-generated content include:

  • Text–to-text conversational generative AI chatbots, in which interacting with the chatbot is a central feature of the app
  • Image generated by AI based on text, image, or voice prompts

To ensure user safety and in accordance with Google Play’s Policy Coverage, apps that generate content using AI must comply with existing Google Play Developer Policies, including by prohibiting and preventing the generation of Restricted Content, such as content that facilitates the exploitation or abuse of children, and content that enables Deceptive Behavior.

Apps that generate content using AI must contain in-app user reporting or flagging features that allow users to report or flag offensive content to developers without needing to exit the app. Developers should utilize user reports to inform content filtering and moderation in their apps.

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